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Ruidoso New Mexico Homes for Sale

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Agent: Joseph A. Zagone

Thanks for your help on the sale.  I appreciate it that you were pretty well able to read me and headed off a possible kerfuffle…
Joe, you are a true professional...  You are clearly on top of the market.
I may have told you, but I picked you to contact way back when by checking the web to see who seemed
to be spot on in our area.  I was right…
Chances of me ever needing a realtor in NM again are almost non-existent, but if that ever pops up, you will be called.

Thanks again for all of your courtesies, help, and good work.  You are a man worth knowing.
                                                               - Sincerely,  Frank J. Douthitt

Agent: Havey Foster

I can't thank you enough for doing such a great job helping sell our cabin in Ruidoso, NM!   You were always professional and very easy to talk to.   I also appreciate how knowledgeable you are with the entire process.   You answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction.   You made me feel at ease.   I also felt there were several times you went above and beyond the call of duty!     I know that we were able to sell our cabin for the asking price and so quickly because of all the work you put into it.   You were always very prompt and responsive!   I would highly recommend you to others!  
With much appreciation, Mary and Peter Lecca

Agent: Charlotta Stewart

Buying this little cabin was just too easy! I don't know everything  Charlotta did,
but we did NOTHING!! Charlotta is pleasant and easy going. She let US decide
that WE wanted it and then did all the work. I'd recommend her to anyone
I know wanting a cabin in Ruidoso.
                                               -Michael and Kay Landress

Agent:  Frank and Karen Higgins

"Frank and Karen Higgins are our realtor's and have become our friends. 
Nancy and I wouldn't have it any other way..I totally trust them to take
care of our real estate needs."
  -Stephen Morris, DDS

"We both want to thank you for all your help in buying the little cabin. 
You were always on top of things and it all went very smoothly.  All the best," 
 -Michael and Delana Clements

"I really appreciate your and Frank's expertise in all the crazy deals I
put you through.  I always feel that if I have a concern or question--you will get to the  bottom of it one way or another.  It is people like you two that have taken me under  their wings and made my coming to Ruidoso a blessing."

                                           -Netta Coleman

Agent:  John Reynolds

"John Reynolds is also the most ethical person.  HE IS A TRUE EXAMPLE OF
  -Louise Wissler

"I am please how John Reynolds handled this sale and have entrusted him
with additional acreage to be sold in the Ruidoso area."
  -Bill and Marva
Sue Glenn

"We very much appreciate John Reynolds' experience and integrity."  -John
and Bonnie Brunson

"This was the smoothest sale and escrow possible.  Sold 3rd day full
price, all cash 30 day escrow closed on time."
  -Daniel Carson and Jane

Agent: Joseph A. Zagone

"Just a note to let you know how pleased we were with Joe Zagone's
handling of our recent home sale. Good sales people can make a big difference in any business but they are hard to find.  Joe represented
the buyer and the seller in our transaction and balanced the needs of both parties very professionally. Joe did an excellent job and I would use him again without question.  I will highly recommend his services to any potential customers in my travels.  Joe's experience was a real asset in selling our home." -
Kerry Foos

"Our dealings with Joe Zagone were just fantastic!!!  We loved working
with him."
  -Bill Helwig

"As a US Govt employee, I have bought and sold numerous houses over the
years.  This is my 1st experience with CENTURY 21 and based on the quality of service, I  will always use CENTURY 21 in the future.  I will be moving again within the year and  will use CENTURY 21 to sell my current home in Lubbock, TX and to purchase a house at my new  location.  I can not say enough about my CENTURY 21 agent, Joe Zagone, in Ruidoso, NM.  Since  this was a vacation home, I was over 4 hours away.  Mr. Zagone handled all  problems, inspections, repairs,
etc.  He kept me advised and was professional throughout.   Base on  Agent Zagone's performance, I will utilize CENTURY 21 for all my future sales and purchases.  And I  will have at least two to three more moves in my career.  Thank you.
 - Robert Manning

Agent: For Charlotta Stewart

"Charlotta went above and beyond to make sure every aspect of our
transaction went well.  She is professional, friendly and an asset to not only your company, but to  all her clients.  It was our pleasure to have been able to have her handle the purchase of our now  vacation home." -
Paul Acuff

Agent:   Karen Higgins

"Karen [Higgins] took my particulars and had me under contract in 4 hours and  settled in less than 1 month. Karen is so special; I truly want you to know what a talented lady you  have.  If you give "Commendations" or "letters of excellence" I would like to recommend Karen be  considered.  Now, thank you James [Paxton] for all your personal caring and the gift of your "Classics by Design" by  the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra - wonderful."    -Patti Van Dusen