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Ruidoso New Mexico Homes for Sale

First-Time Ruidoso Buyers Information

Buying your first home in Ruidoso NMPurchasing a new home can be a frustrating experience from securing a loan to your possession date.  On top of it all this is more than likely the largest investment that you have made so far in your life.  Don't let the process scare you into not moving ahead or cloud your judgment. 

An informed buy is a better buyer these 10 common buyer mistakes are designed to inform you and remove the mystery of buying a home.   Your Ruidoso New Mexico Real Estate Agent can help you with your buying decision.  If you need an agent or have met one of ours please visit our agent roster


  1. Inspect — After you have had an inspection done on the home make sure you understand everything in the inspection report.  Have the inspector go over it with you, better yet be there when they do the inspection.
  2. Envision Vacancy — Try and find the potential in the property instead of its current state.  Your likes and dislikes are different than the sellers. Imagine your furnishings and style while in the home. 
  3. Debt to Income Ratio — Sit down with your mortgage advisor and agent so that you can come up a realistic purchase price of your home.  You need to know how much home you can afford before you start looking.
  4. Search and Visit — Search all New Mexico Real Estate on our site.  Make sure that you are finding homes that you can afford and after you find your top 10 have one of our Century 21 Aspen Real Estate Professionals show you the homes you have selected.
  5. Team — By having a Real Estate agent and a Mortgage Broker on your side you will find yourself in better purchase power than going it alone.  Our agents have many contacts from mortgage lenders to home inspectors.
  6. Investigate — Ask your agent for all costs.  How much does it cost to heat the home in he winter?  What are the home owner dues?  Ask questions until you are satisfied.
  7. Final Walk-Through - Take a tour or final walk-through to make sure everything's in working order.  Turn on the heat, make sure the furnace comes on, run the hot water to make sure the water heater works. 
  8. Be Flexible — Your closing date and move in date are flexible based on when the paperwork can be signed and if there are contingencies in place.  Have a backup plan.
  9. In Writing — If it is not in writing then it doesn't exist.  Do not assume that you are getting the appliances...get it in writing.  Do not assume that the sellers are going to fix something...get it in writing.  Read this one more time GET IT IN WRITING!!
  10. Loyalty — Be honest with your entire team. Don't hide anything. We are here to help you move into your dream home.

For more information on finding your particular Ruidoso real estate or property contact us today or start your search online!  We have up-to-date listings on all New Mexico real estate.