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Choosing a REALTOR®

Choosing a Good Realtor in this Economy.

With the economy as it sits, the services of individuals with significant experience working various markets become even more vital. Having someone with years of experience on your side and one who has likely weathered storms in the past know the right strategies to survive.

It seems there is no market more affected than the housing market. Even though things are turning upward, it is still tough to sell a home these days, especially without the right Realtor on your side.

REALTORS® are accustomed to working with very erratic markets. We were in a bubble a few years back and even though we all talked about it bursting, there are those in the industry that got in while it was good and fizzled out soon when the going got tough. It's those that have stuck it out and know how to market in good times and bad that are seeing their way through. While the media uses many terms to describe this which are dramatic, they are not necessarily hyperbole. It would seem that right now would be a time when realtors would be seeking new employment and this is true, at least for those who were only along for as long as the bubble held out.

What you need now to sell your home is an agent that knows the routine and has weathered the markets in the past. They have sold in good times and in bad and have a proven track record over time.

Good REALTORS® are business people like any other. They weigh the costs for their clients and find the best strategies to obtain the goal for both. This field is not for amateurs, though many did get in during the good times. The thinning of the numbers has had some good effects because only the very best are still in business and able to turn a profit for themselves and their clients.

Different areas of the country have been hit harder than others, New Mexico still tends to be the newest and best place to invest right now and we have agents that have put in years of experience to benefit their clients and their goals.

Find a realtor who has not only weathered the storm, but who can find opportunity amidst the hardship. Ask for references and how many homes they have sold in the past. Find out what the listing price to selling price ratio is and how close they come to selling what the home was listed for.

Above all, you want to feel comfortable with your REALTOR®. They may be a great agent, but if you just don't click, you may choose to find another. This is a big transition in your life and you want someone that not only knows the market and can work hard on your behalf, but someone you feel you can deeply trust with your biggest asset.