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Don't make these Mistakes when Listing Ruidoso Real Estate

Mistake #1 -- Pricing Your Property Too High
Pricing your home too high is understandable: you want to get the most for your investment. While an excessively high priced home will not sell no matter what kind of market it is, set too low of a price and you will lose money on the transaction. Our agents can perform a current market analysis of your home which, with your agent, you can use to make an educated decision on the price of your home.

Mistake #2 -- Mistaking Re-finance Appraisals for the Market Value
Don't use a re-finance value over an appraisal value. During an appraisal of your home the bank will try for a higher value for your home so that they can provide you with a larger home.

Mistake #3 -- Forgetting to "Showcase Your Home"
Make sure that you prepare your home to be sold. Paint the trim on your home and if your paint is in good shape pressure wash the outside of your home. Pull weeds and mow the lawn to increase your curb appeal. Have your carpet cleaned and de-clutter your home (the fewer things you have in your home the larger your home appears.)

Mistake #4 -- Trying to "Hard Sell" While Showing Be Flexible.
If your home is going to be shown, try and leave so that the buyer's agent can give them a tour of your home. If you prefer to stay in your home try and stay out of the way and don't haggle with your potential buyers. Be friendly and hospitable.

Mistake #5 -- Trying to Sell to "Looky-Loos" Use your Agent.
If a potential buyer knocks on your door out of the blue then they are usually not in the market, have just started looking and are about six months away from purchasing. Ask them if they have an agent before you let them into your home. Protect yourself and your valuables by not allowing just anyone to enter your home. Have them set up an appointment with your agent to see the home.

Mistake #6 -- Not Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities
A Real Estate contract is a legally binding document. Make sure you understand what you are signing. Ask as many questions you need, to feel secure and safe in the transaction. Be aware of counter offers and request for repairs and appliances. Know what you are signing before you start signing.

Mistake #7 -- Limiting the Marketing and Advertising of the Property 
Your Agent should have a plethora of marketing strategies. Before you list your home ask what the Agent is going to do to market your home. Ask if they are going to hold an open house and a broker's open house. If not, request that they do so.


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