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Pledge to Clients: I'm a Yankee by birth (though I have learned to say y'all), born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I attended New York University and was a student instructor while majoring in Motion Picture Production. I first came to Ruidoso in 1965 while working on a movie about Billy the Kid, fell in love with the incredible mountains and moved here in 1975. I am an amateur radio operator with my call sign WB5OMO. I have been involved with search and rescue for many years and was a past president of White Mountain Search and Rescue & past president of the Ruidoso Board of Realtors. I have hiked much of the land here and I am well versed in county regulations, restrictive covenants and water rights. Hope to see you here soon.

Professional Experience: I have been a Real Estate Broker in Ruidoso for over 40 yrs.

Education: New York University Film Dept

Outside Interests: Photography and computer programing