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Home Inspections

home inspections

Most home buyers know and understand the benefits of having a professional Home Inspections in Ruidoso NM home inspection prior to finalizing on a home.

The purpose of the Ruidoso home inspection is to negotiate for terms and items needed to finalize the transaction.If a buyer feels there is something that the seller should address before the buyer will fully agree to buy the home, this is where the inspection report can offer information on what the seller will need to do. One tip for homeowners in these negotiations is that if you ask for everything, you may get nothing. Be conscious of how your requests sound to the seller. If there is a minor detail that you can fix on your own, don't let it kill the deal. IF there are major safety hazards or items not up to code, these should be addressed with the seller prior to closing.

But what else can a home inspection provide to be helpful now and in the future? Not only is having a home inspection important in negotiations but it allows you, the buyer, to know as much as you can about your investment. You don't want to walk blindly into the largest purchase of your life. This is where shadowing the inspector on the actual inspection can be so helpful. Many times inspectors will offer tips and information that is helpful down the road. And this brings us to the future benefits of the inspection.

Knowing ahead of time what and when something needs to be replaced or updated is very beneficial in your financial planning. Here is an example: Let's say the inspector knows the roof has about 10 more years which is certainly not short enough to ask the seller to replace but if you know you are going to be in the home this long you can start to plan and save for the roof as soon as you move in. If you know a roof will cost about $5,000 in 10 years you can start to save about $40 a month set aside for the roof. Then when the time comes for a roof you have already ear-marked these funds for the roof. You can do this with any major appliance or home structure.

Even if you plan on selling in a few years you may need to address some issues at that time. Planning now can save you tacking on hundreds if not thousands in credit card bills when a new buyer wants certain issues taken care of.

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