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Tips for Selling Land

selling your land

If you are considering selling your Ruidoso land you will need to meet with a listing agent to set up the contract.

Here are some things to expect in that meeting.

  1. Bring copies of documentation for your property.
    A listing agent will need a copy of the deed of record, a plat map, current survey, timber cruises, mineral or hunting leases, tax records, septic system permits, and other assorted documents which provide information about your Ruidoso property. Other items that are helpful are harvest records of wildlife and pictures of game taken or observed, enlarged aerial maps of the property, timber stand maps, documentation about historical structures or occurrences on the land. 

  2. Be prepared to show the property to the agent.
    It is helpful if the owner who typically knows more about the land than anyone can help the agent identify key areas of interest throughout the property, boundary lines, and information about the age of trees, etc. All of this allows the agent to have a better understanding of your Ruidoso property and will be able to present it well to prospective buyers. 

  3. Finalize the asking price and terms at which you are offering the land.
    A good agent will generally not give you a hard listing price over the phone but may suggest some ranges of what land in your area is selling for. You can decide in advance whether you want to offer owner financing, retain mineral rights, reserve an easement if needed, and other issues such as these. The agent will provide you with an Estimated Net Sheet to provide an estimate of the amount you will walk away with after the completion of the transaction. 

  4. Keys to outbuildings, homes, and gates should be given to the agent at this time.
    You want to make sure your agent has all the necessary tools needed to show the property at a moments notice and keep it accessible. 

  5. Sign the listing agreement.
    The listing agreement generally gives CENTURY 21 Aspen Ruidoso the exclusive right to sell and market your property. Your listing agent earns their money by marketing your property and bringing a buyer to suit your needs. The listing agreement gives the agent a reasonable expectation of being able to recoup the money he is going to invest in marketing your Ruidoso land. The listing contract on land will generally be 6 months to 1 year, as land takes a little longer on average to sell than residential property.

By preparing for the listing appointment and having helpful information ready for your agent, we will be able to provide you with better service and potentially a quicker, more successful sale of your Ruidoso Land.


We are here to answer any questions you have.

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